Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to the humour holiday, well-known Odessa Jumorinu,
The are grandiose discounts and the extensive cultural program for you.











 Mini hotel  «As at Home» - there are comfortable rooms in the centre of Odessa

The mini hotel in centre of Odessa "As at Home" is glad to welcome visitors!



The mini hotel "As at home" offers  a number of additional services for the visitors:

  • Room service - delivery of lunches, dinners and suppers in the  rooms (it's the  extra paid)

  • Parking service.

  •  A meeting at  the  bus,  railway stations and the airport

  •  The taxi order

  •  Laundry services

  •  Booking

  •  The Odessa guide

    Mini hotel in  Odessa "As at house", is the right choice!,
    We are waiting for you! Welcome to Odessa!